Stegmann Canal Expander® heralds a new era in glaucoma surgery

Stegmann Canal Expander® is the first implant device that re-establishes the natural fluid outflow of the eye and reduces safely IOP by permanently stretching the trabecular meshwork and opening Schlemm canal. Stegmann Canal Expander® is made of polyimide, a highly biocompatible, flexible thermoset plastic approved by the FDA, and implanted in medicine for decades. The long-term experience ensures the greatest level of safety for surgeon and patients alike.


Being effective and safe, the implantation of the Stegmann Canal Expander®:

  • Does not restrict to future magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (non-metal)
  • Does not limit any ethical or religious beliefs (non-collagen derived, non-gelatin)


The Stegmann Canal Expander® is not visible from bare eye, as it lies in the canal. The specific design of the Stegmann Canal Expander® allows a permanent expansion of the canal and distension of the trabecular meshwork, the site of maximal resistance to aqueous humour outflow in glaucoma. Both effects improve aqueous humor egress through the trabecular meshwork into the canal and circumferential flow within the canal with the control of eye pressure.


Physician’s Statement

“Canaloplasty with the Stegmann Canal Expander® meets all of the patient and physician goals of a glaucoma treatment that is effective at controlling IOP while preserving vision and having a minimal impact on patient lifestyle, and it is my treatment of choice for the majority of my open-angle glaucoma patients.” Matthias C. Grieshaber, MD, FEBO


The Stegmann Canal Expander® is an implant for modern non-penetrating glaucoma surgery designed to maximize the internal outflow of the aqueous humor through trabecular meshwork, Schlemm canal and collector channels. The multi-fenestrated scaffold distends trabecular meshwork and expands Schlemm canal while perfectly adjusting to the internal canal structures. The special designed scaffold of the micro-implant has virtually no resistance to outflow.

150x magnification of SCE and size comparison to a human hair


The Stegmann Canal Expander® is made of polyimide, a biocompatible, long-term clinically proven and FDA approved surgical material. The material was carefully chosen taking all safety aspects into account. It is non-allergic, non-metal, and does not derive from animal by-products like gelatin or collagen. The smooth polished surface of the micro-device allows an atraumatic insertion into the viscodilated Schlemm canal, preventing the canal endothelium from any harm.


Length: 9mm
Outer Diameter: 240 micron
Weight: 0.075 milligramm

Stegmann Canal Expander System

The package includes two Stegmann Canal Expander® single use devices, supplied in the sterile state. The implant is a high precision product and is made of polished surgical polyimide (PI). The Stegmann Canal Expander® is loaded on an implant carrier (torquer with thread), that facilitate handling and implantation. system1
Torquer with Thread

Dual Mechanism of Action

dual_mechanism The major cause for elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with open-angle glaucoma is twofold. First, there is an increased resistance to outflow in the inner wall of Schlemm canal, namely the trabecular meshwork. Second, there is an impaired fluid flow within the canal is due to a narrowed or collapsed canal.


The Stegmann Canal Expander® uniquely addresses both defects in the outflow system by:

  • Perfect distension of the trabecular meshwork with increased trans-trabecular outflow
  • Permanent dilation and patency of the canal with continuous circumferential flow
dual_mechanism_eye The outcome of this dual mechanism is an optimized aqueous humor outflow through the restored natural pathways. Since two Stegmann Canal Expanders are implanted on either side of the surgically created ostium of the canal, half of the circumferential outflow system (180 degrees) is treated.

Surgical Procedure

Please use arrows to follow the surgical steps


Implantation of SCE